You Are Confirmed For June 7-9th.

A 3-day interactive, live event led by Lisa Nichols -- designed to help YOU scale your profitable, thriving speaking business and personal brand.

Thousands of leaders built their brands, created bestselling books, and tripled their income at Speak & Write to Make Millions…and now it’s BACK!

Speak & Write to Make Millions is for coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, trainers, and authors who are ready to expand their brand, impact, AND revenue.

This event offers practical, actionable steps you can use NOW, diving deep into how to:

  • Grow YOUR training and development empire
  • Instantly strengthen your speaking techniques to become unforgettable
  • Create your revenue wheel for 2024 new money made
  • Learn the secret formula to write and market your bestselling book

And at the end of Speak & Write to Make Millions?

Expect to...

Already be taking action on clear, tangible strategies and steps for building and scaling your successful business

See, step by step, exactly how to add additional income streams to your business from speaking, books, workshops, and more

Have a laundry list of tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes around speaking, pivoting, scaling, marketing and branding yourself, becoming camera-ready, and more

Have a huge number of to-do’s crossed off your list -- from developing your next unforgettable talk to writing your bestselling book

Become a masterful educator and speaker

A clear vision for what you truly want your business to be, and how speaking can enhance your goals

We’ll see you in June at

Speak & Write