Q: What is Speak & Write?

A: Join hundreds of aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs from around the world along with the Motivating The Masses team as we share the step-by-step system Lisa used to grow her speaking business into a multi-million dollar brand. Learn how to inspire thousands with your story, how to write a book, the foundations of a successful business, Craft your SNAAP, getting past the NO and so much more.

Q: Where is the Speak & Write Workshop taking place?
A: The Speak & Write Workshop will be taking place at the Hilton Atlanta hotel located at 255 Courtland Street NE Atlanta, GA 30303.

Q: What are the dates?
A: General admission tickets are November 3rd – 5th. If you are a registered VIP guest then your admission includes a bonus VIP training on Thursday, November 2nd.

Q: How much are tickets?
A: Please visit http://speakandwriteworkshop.com for current pricing.

Q: Can I buy tickets at the door?
A: Tickets must be purchased online prior to the event at  www.speakandwriteworkshop.com

Q: What’s included in the cost of the general admission ticket?
A: Your general admission ticket includes three days of intense, informative and engaging sessions.  You will have access to breakout sessions where you’ll dive deeper, expanding your knowledge in smaller groups with structured networking.  You will have access to tools and specialist to help you write your book and share your story and help you create a speaking platform and build your business.

Q: What is included in the cost of a VIP ticket?
A: Everything in the general admission is included along with;

  • A special bonus day of training on Thursday, November 2nd Thursday, November 2nd just for VIP!
  • Bonus day lunch.
    Access to a special VIP mixer on Friday, November 3rd.
  • VIP seating.
  • A fun packed VIP goodie bag at registration.

Q: Will meals be provided?

A: Registered VIP’s will receive lunch on the bonus day, Thursday, November 2nd.  All other meals will be “On your Own”.  Hotel has restaurants s and snack shop available.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: Speak & Write To Make Millions does not offer refunds for any tickets purchased. In the event that you cannot attend, you can transfer your ticket to a family member, friend, business partner or associate with no additional cost. All transfer requests much be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Q: What airport should I fly into?
A: The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Airport Code ATL) is the recommended airport.

Q: How much is parking cost?

A: The Hilton Downtown Atlanta offers a $5 discount off the prevailing parking rate in effect at that time.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi provided in the meeting space?

A: Speak & Write does not provide WIFI in the meeting space. If you are a guest of the hotel, please contact hotel direct for Wi-Fi availability.

Q: When do I get the event schedule?

A: The full event schedule will be provided at registration.

Q: What are the start and end times for the conference?

  • If you have VIP admission, please plan to be at the host hotel by 8am on Thursday, November 2.
  • If you have general admission, please plan to be the host hotel Friday, November 3, by 7am, and plan to stay until Sunday, November 5, 7pm.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: The event is business casual.

Q: How do I get my ticket?

A: When you register you will be sent an email with your ticket and QR Code.  We will scan your QR Code at registration so please either plan to have it pulled up on your phone or printed out in advance.

Q: What will be included with Live Stream?

A: You will have access to all main stage speakers, downloadable workbook to print at home, a master facilitator to guide you through your experience as well as in depth interview with speakers. You will also receive access to watch the replay for a minimum of 10 days.

Q: How can I best prepare for the event?

A:  Be open and ready to learn and connect with the community upon arrival.  We also suggest that you consider bringing;

  • Sweater (it may get cool in the conference room)
  • Notebook
  • Snacks to accommodate your specific dietary needs
  • Business cards for networking opportunities.


“A transformational explosion that will leave you feeling ambushed by motivation and held captive by opportunity!” – LONNIE POLLARD, PHOENIX, AZ

“Thank you for transforming my life and the lives I will touch!” – MARTISE MOORE, GREEN RUNNER, LOS ANGELES, CA

“This program is much more than a training on how to Speak and Write, it’s hard-core business training. Lisa Nichols’ style = fun!” – STAHSHA STANOWICZ, HEAVEN ON EARTH